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How Booking Works with Us

Booking with On Your Way Travel brings value to your vacation. From the beginning of travel planning through the time you safely return home, you can travel confidentially knowing your travel agent is and has been there every step of the way. On Your Way Travel takes care of travel planning tasks you didn't know you needed, because you shouldn't have to! We consider every detail so your travel arrangements are seamless!

Vacation Villa
Travel Request

On Your Way Travel follows a two-step request process! First we will review your travel request that you submit below, and then, we will follow-up via phone/email to ask a few questions to be sure we're on the right track.

Research & Planning

On Your Way Travel works incredibly hard to create the right vacation to match our travelers' needs. We create two to three itinerary options. When you choose what works best, we can customize that trip as needed. 

Book & Prepare

Reserve your trip by submitting your traveler information and making a deposit or payment as required. Throughout the time you travel, On Your Way Travel will keep in touch with you and send important updates and reminders.



The On Your Way Travel  Booking Process



We often hear "What does a travel advisor do?" On Your Way Travel takes care of every vacation detail, so you don't have to! To be more specific, here are some of the things we do when you choose On Your Way Travel as your travel advisor... 

  • Generally, we quote and book vacations! But we take it a bit more personally. We create personalized and custom itinerary plans as requested. 

  • We invest in our clients to understand their preferences and the experience they are hoping for. 

  • We spend hours researching travel options. Then we cross reference those vacation options with multiple travel partners to find the best rates and values. 

  • Travel advisors are only compensated a small commission several weeks after travel. We invest our time and energy because we care about our guests and making their vacation special! 

  • Once a trip is deposited, we manage the reservation by monitoring it updates, schedule changes, making confirmations and making updates as needed. 

  • We often wait on very long hold times with travel partners when needed, so our travelers don't have to! 

  • We help travelers by only sharing important updates, reminders and travel tips during this time. 

  • Once documents are issued, we organize the documents, highlight what's important, and help our guests prepare for their trip. 

  • While travelers are on their trip, we standby to ensure their arrival is smooth and safe. 

  • Should an instance occur, we guide our clients and make arrangements as needed. 

  • We always follow through after travel to verify the trip went as planned! 

  • On Your Way Travel participates in online classrooms, trainings, and earns certifications to stay up-to-date on worldwide travel products. 

  • We travel as much as we can to study and tour resorts and ships so we can properly advise travelers. 

We're passionate about what we do! We love helping travelers make the most of their vacation time. To us, it's all about helping travelers get On Your Way. By choosing On Your Way Travel, our travelers are supporting our travel dreams, too. It means the world to us! 

How On Your Way Travel  Helps You

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