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Specialty Vacations

Specialty vacations are trips that celebrate extraordinary moments that should be remembered for the rest of your life! We handle specialty trips with extra care, so no matter the occasion, there is less stress while planning. Our travel coordinating services are there every step of the way to make your special trip a dream come true! 

Speciality Vacation Options

Family Vacation Packages

When it comes to special occasions, we do everything we can to make the moment perfect.


Enhancing Your Vacation

When trips are not "just because," sometimes we enhance a trip to make it feel extra special. Our expert service guides you to make the most of your specialty vacation. We make moments special by thinking out the details in advance. This way you can focus on what matters during your vacation!

Private Transfers

When you arrive to your destination, imagine being welcomed by a premium vehicle with a dedicated driver and refreshments.  

Butler Service

A true luxury is choosing to have extra service that  anticipates for your needs ahead of time. Butlers take away needs to do any task or chore. 

Exclusive Activities

Plan for specialty tours and appointments to personally enjoy the moment during your trip. You could consider excursions, the spa, and special tours.

Upgraded Suites

Choosing a room that includes premium amenities, more space or upgraded views is a great way to make a statement about your vacation style. 

Specialty Dining

Making a special arrangement to dine with a specialty guest chef or have your meal prepared in a personal way is quite the special occasion!

Photography Sessions

Capture the moment during your specialty vacation by pre-planning a photoshoot in paradise. 


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